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Android Score: 46

STUNNING (@laquitish) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

RT @geheichou: "My name is Connor, I'm the Android sent by CyberLife" Closeup shot of the makeup and beauty marks for Connor those damn fr…

Ewan (@EwanMul) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

Just think anyone with an android device is a different breed

Chris Morrissey (@CSMorrissey) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

RT @EmilyRCWilson: The Loeb translation of first line of the Odyssey, revised 1995, describes Odysseus as a "man of many devices". He alwa…

𝙋𝙀𝙍𝙄𝘿𝙊𝙏 (@perbearperidot) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

does zircon use ios or android? neither she uses windows phone

Kelly Musgrave (@KellyAMusgrave) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

Read why one of the best Android TV products, @nvidiashield, is also one of the best-supported Android products.

with JD (@21chensius) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

RT @EXOVotingSquad: 🎁PhotoCard Voting D-9 (#CHEN) Open your lockscreen and collect coins before 12AM KST! Android only: Main: https://t.…

Paul Chinniah (@paulchinniah) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

@TheLastLeg #MysticLeg It will be discovered that Boris Johnson is an android with a million programming errors.

Gary The Economist (@GaryC23619095) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

RT @tictoc: 70% of people would prefer to date an iPhone user rather than someone with an Android, survey shows

surrender to da air z0ne (@TheDyerWolf) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

@xhillzy oh you're working for aloebud now? That's cool, you seem to really love the app, hope working for them is…

iOS Score: 24

Susan Sternberg (@swmstn2) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

RT @michelleinbklyn: People who owe thousands are shamed. People who owe millions run the world.

noel ノエル  🏃🏻 (@npf007) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

iOS 12 runs much faster, especially on older iPhones

𝙋𝙀𝙍𝙄𝘿𝙊𝙏 (@perbearperidot) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

does zircon use ios or android? neither she uses windows phone

Thizzface (@Thizzlamic69) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

I'm using Rocket for Instagram by @freemanrepo on my iOS device to save Instagram posts.

Cornelius (@tiocornelio) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

RT @ChrisLu44: Presidents are best served by advisors willing to deliver bad news. As yesterday’s Cabinet meeting showed, the current group…

RobsonAG (@AndroidGamerAG) 9:10PM on 17 Aug


Techbility (@tech_bility) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

We launched updated version of the Access Inspector iOS App to give you more feature, more options, and new checkli…

Mubeen Ahmed (@mukh94) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

@CanaryMailApp Hi! Loving CanaryMail. I was wondering if y’all would be able to add an Archive function to your ric…

INVASIVECODE (@invasivecode) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

[iOS Tutorial] SceneKit (Pt 2): Learn to manage the appearance of a node while rendering 3D scenes & 3D objects…

inaf OPEN UPFOLL (@haneulinafh) 9:10PM on 17 Aug

tag. lelang acc ig rp gede upfoll open closed agency e-book jual aplikasi android ios murah