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Dell XPS Score: 481

Matt Aimonetti (@mattetti) 9:21PM on 19 Feb

I've been using a Dell XPS 13 + Windows 10 for the last few days and I'm surprisingly happy with this setup. Solid…

FlatCube (@FlatCubeTelecom) 9:19PM on 19 Feb

RT @Dell: Get picture as colorful as the world around you with #DellCinema Learn more:

Chris Wiegman (@ChrisWiegman) 9:07PM on 19 Feb

@ljonesfl Lots of folks recommending the Dell XPS. This machine is still too new for me to really look but it does sound like a good sign

Mark Moeller (@MarkRMoeller) 8:41PM on 19 Feb

RT @bchester98: Dell XPS 13 9370 (early 2018) Review: Best Windows 10 Laptop Gets Better

The Man (@315senttous) 8:26PM on 19 Feb

@AzorFrank @HaircutHanika @Forbes @Dell I would actually buy an XPS 17, if your team can build it, with a more powe…

WebOutletMall (@weboutletmall) 8:00PM on 19 Feb

Dell Home:Save $300 on XPS 13 Intel 8th gen i7 processor, 8GB, 256GB SSD at $999.99. -

Larry Jones (@QuanFlix_) 7:39PM on 19 Feb

Dell XPS 15 RT @KaytTheGreat: What laptop should I get that’s NOT Mac?

MacBook Pro Score: 6,264

Cosmin (@cosmindinu) 9:25PM on 19 Feb

"The pros and cons of moving from a MacBook Pro to an iPad" #applenews #feedly

Kevin Green (@xtacy8one) 9:25PM on 19 Feb

RT @RockTheReTweet: Apple Slashes USB-C Dongle Prices to Quell Macbook Pro Complaints

Malinee Pompinit (@MalineePompinit) 9:24PM on 19 Feb

MacBook Pro 2018 release date, news and rumors

Sammy Guichelaar (@SamGuichelaar) 9:23PM on 19 Feb

Why are pictures taken of a 2012 retina screen so incredibly blue when it looks normal to the eye? Didn't have this…

HAIL THE ORB (@joe_no_privacy) 9:21PM on 19 Feb

@velartrill I have an old MacBook Pro that doesn't have a battery but could in theory be upgraded to 16GB of RAM an…

Jimmy Dijo (@JimmyDijo) 9:21PM on 19 Feb

RT @RockTheReTweet: Apple Slashes USB-C Dongle Prices to Quell Macbook Pro Complaints

Lee Rabidoux (@LeeBear21) 9:20PM on 19 Feb

RT @Giveaway_Plus: New #AmazonGiveaway 😆📦 (1:4000) USB C Hub,Beeasy Type C Hub Adapter with HDMI Port 4K Video,2 USB 3.0 Ports,SD & Micro…

Matias Insaurralde (@matias_baruch) 9:19PM on 19 Feb

RT @mitsuhiko: Please, please, please apple. Release a top of the line 15" macbook pro without touchbar.

Michelai A. Graham (@OhMichGee) 9:18PM on 19 Feb

But this MacBook Pro was only 126 GB 😅 so I went for the MacBook Air 512 GB. I pray it don’t crash everyday.

Goldshop (@Mr_Goldshop) 9:17PM on 19 Feb

@MrRushmead @LamboCreeper For the price might as well get a MacBook Pro