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Sun Microsystems Score: 34

Andrew Back (@9600) 8:49AM on 11 Dec

Reassuring that the FCC ID lookup website favicon is a Sun Microsystems logo.

Classic Slogans (@ClassicSlogans) 7:53AM on 11 Dec

Sun Microsystems: "The Network Is The Computer"

Денц Де Бейль (@Shytnik112) 5:42AM on 11 Dec


Webscale 2.0 Bot (@webscale_bot) 1:42AM on 11 Dec

Are you a certified Sun Microsystems fast web framework administrator? If so we've got a overly complicated algorithms for you.

Gregory Burd (@gregburd) 1:15AM on 11 Dec

@fredrichmaney @littleidea Jonathan was/is a friend, has been for more than 30 years, and did an amazing job under…

Webscale 2.0 Bot (@webscale_bot) 11:11PM on 10 Dec

Are you terrified of president Trump? Fight back with parallelized algorithms by Sun Microsystems.

Webscale 2.0 Bot (@webscale_bot) 11:01PM on 10 Dec

With Sun Microsystems you can create a stunning billboard to sell primitive algorithms. (@ITFobOffBot) 9:30PM on 10 Dec

I'm sorry but you have a Total Logic-Subsystem Stackdump Problem. Please call Sun Microsystems on 0873 550 2930

Артём Стороженко (@Artemja880) 7:26PM on 10 Dec

New on ebay: Sun Microsystems (Sun Blade 1000, & 2000) Getting Started Guide (Manual)

Microsoft Score: 48,210

Manel Rodero (@manelrodero) 10:16AM on 11 Dec

RT @appcompatguy: At Ignite 2017 I talked about leveraging LAPS for key end user support scenarios: Today, @Aaron

The Frugal Forager (@thefrugalforage) 10:16AM on 11 Dec

Wealth Architects Has Upped By $558,942 Its Microsoft $MSFT Position; Abm Industries $ABM Shorts Down By 3.12%

ForkTrails (@ForkTrails) 10:16AM on 11 Dec

RT @abarrallen: No one talks about @zoom_us because it works all the time, but I think it might become the next Microsoft. Will be in every…

英籽。H :) (@eikohans) 10:16AM on 11 Dec

RT @onmsft: These 2 atmospheric videos showcase the new Microsoft Office 365 icons perfectly

pocketgamz (@pocketgamz) 10:16AM on 11 Dec

RT @SchipTimmer: ⭐️Yesterday @GimmeYoCookiez and I released our nostalgic little baby Bridge Control! 🏠@itchio: $2…

Bro Doug Hatcher (@HatcherBro1) 10:16AM on 11 Dec

RT @HolySpiritWind1: Microsoft and Mastercard Announce Collaboration On Decentralized Universal ID System https://t…

Puggmeister (@Puggmeister) 10:16AM on 11 Dec

RT @assurancedata: Windows 10 Sends Your Activity History to Microsoft, Even if You Tell It Not To

janrik🦁 (@Uberutang) 10:16AM on 11 Dec

@Pansyfaust Some games still do lan, but yeah they are not the "norm" for most titles. Surprisingly the first party…

Afọláshadé (@ShecrownLita) 10:16AM on 11 Dec

RT @ShecrownLita: Microsoft Excel Hack: Explore different formula on your tab every day for 3 months and be amazed at your level of exper…