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Sun Microsystems Score: 79

Keith Milbury (@MilburyKeith) 2:25AM on 25 Jun

Sun Microsystems tech titan Scott McNealy’s $100 million-dollar Palo Alto mansion for sale comes with a 7300-square…

Marisniulkis (@mlescaille) 10:12AM on 24 Jun

Oracle earning developers love* since it bought Sun Microsystems

Omar Bou Kheir (@BKBlueLogic) 8:20AM on 24 Jun

@stephangeyer Remember back in 2008 when you were the guy to go to at Sun microsystems for any Mac issues or even tutorials. 😂😂

Joe Gee (@Joe_Espresso) 3:49AM on 24 Jun

@textfiles @cosmickatamari Yeah, that's one of the reasons in not a fan of Oracle, but that wasn't long after Oracl…

エラリー ジャンクリストフ (@brandelune) 2:25AM on 24 Jun

@Tayx94 @Andrew_Chewie @demigiant It is a format that was firt created by Sun Microsystems at the beginning of the… (@squillionsblog) 4:18AM on 23 Jun

RT @KunleCampbell: Facebook's HQ was once occupied by old-time tech powerhouse, Sun Microsystems,Zuckerberg made over the whole place, but… (@ITFobOffBot) 3:00AM on 23 Jun

I'm sorry but you have a Legacy Programming Underflow Issue. Please call Sun Microsystems on 0873 410 2010

Darren Watson (@dazzakermie) 1:31AM on 23 Jun

I liked a @YouTube video Sun Microsystems SPARCstation 5/SPARCserver 5 (From 1994) - Tour and Look Inside!

Evan Kennedy (@stockula) 12:17AM on 23 Jun

@SJosephBurns My first trade. 10 SUNW (Sun Microsystems calls) I bought for 15/16, I sold for 33 1/4 in November/D…

Justin Dearing (@zippy1981) 5:53PM on 22 Jun

@kevinclosson Yeah, you know the CPUs Sun Microsystems used to make, that were not intel compatiable. Oracle bought Sun.

Microsoft Score: 203,530

ng28softball (@ng28softball) 4:30AM on 25 Jun

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management

Davud Tsalikov (@DavudTsalikov) 4:29AM on 25 Jun

I liked a @YouTube video Microsoft and Nintendo Poke Fun at Sony About Crossplay

Recognise (@annetteharidan) 4:29AM on 25 Jun

RT @msftnonprofits: "The empowerment female students gained through soccer led to a noticeable increase in their leadership skills, teamwor…

ThereCanBeOnlyVaughn (@MindCtrller_V) 4:29AM on 25 Jun

Ninja Gaiden in 05 for XBOX was the beginning of Microsoft's dominance going into the 360 gen, much respect for its…

Saturn Guy. No Dreamcast guy on here (@HermanGutenbur1) 4:29AM on 25 Jun

@3MenAndMustache @u4dannyboy @GalaxyWinRings @XboxP3 As Microsoft said, "VR or Mixed Reality is being utilized on P…

HubBucket (@HubBucket) 4:29AM on 25 Jun

RT @TechNative: Between them @Microsoft & @HPE are investing $9 billion to enable #IoT with #IntelligentEdge technologies. Ray Wilson and @…

VICTOR (@VctrVik) 4:28AM on 25 Jun

@Microsoft and @Razer are working on a partnership to successfully introduce keyboard and mouse for @Xbox consoles.…

AnnaWright (@annawright2643) 4:28AM on 25 Jun

RT @CryptoCoinsNews: EY Launches Blockchain Content Rights Platform in Partnership with Microsoft

Rachelle Dene Poth (@Rdene915) 4:28AM on 25 Jun

Just completed the Become a Mystery Skype Master course! Headed to learn more about #PBL at Booth 1102 tomorrow…

HubBucket (@HubBucket) 4:28AM on 25 Jun

RT @gp_pulipaka: Distributed Deep Learning for Object Detection on Azure. #BigData #Analytics #DeepLearning #MachineLearning #DataScience #…